Health & Wellbeing

Scottish Outplacement Services (SOS) also offer support with the Health and Wellbeing of executives and workers who may be experiencing a range of emotions as a result of redundancy.

Job Search Workshops

The sessions are facilitated by our experienced Job Coach experts who have over 70 years’ collective experience at senior management level across a number of sectors incorporating the recruitment and placement of oil and gas professionals in as many as 17 locations worldwide. Our Job Coach experts draw on the support of our collegiate specialists in HR, Psychology, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Guidance and Prescribing and Social Media.

  • Career transition planning
  • Self-assessment of transferable skills and experience
  • How to find the best paid job
  • CV preparation, application forms and social media promotion
  • Interviewing and cv marketing  skills
  • Managing recruitment agencies head-hunters and job sites
  • Networking
  • Organising the job search
  • Motivation and working from home
  • Self-employment
  • Managing finance on a budget and social care provision

Stand-alone sessions on particular aspects such as CV writing or interview skills can also be provided by arrangement.

Job Clinics

Our clinics operate on a call-in basis where individuals have a 2-hour appointment and an engagement session with a Job Coach to discuss a range of specific areas.

Comprehensive Health Checks
In this chaotic world it’s all too easy to neglect our bodies. Our Doctors are happy to provide Comprehensive Health Checks to assess for signs of ill health, and provide information and advice on how to stay healthy.
Physical Activity Assessments
Challenge your body to find out how fit you really are with our Physical Activity Assessments. Our Doctors are on hand to assess your Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Condition and provide information and advice to patients of all ages.
Health & Vitality Programmes
Our Health & Vitality Programmes are a one-stop shop for advice and instruction on healthy living. Our medical staff will construct a personalised Health & Vitality Programme geared to improving your health, happiness and fitness. We provide bespoke exercise and dietary advice to suit your body and your lifestyle, and work with you to ensure the best results.