International Medical Recruitment

We recruit doctors (and nurses) from throughout Europe ,the Middle and Far East as well as Australia and New Zealand.
High Quality Doctors
Our  Vision is to  enhance the UK Healthcare System with good quality and affordable doctors from across the world. We carefully vet and select the best doctors with the relevant qualifications and experience and match them with the right positions.

We look for qualified doctors who have passed the PLAB Examination, are GMC registered and if possible with a Licence to Practice.  However, we will support doctors to gain their licence if they do not currently have one.

We provide and facilitate medical employment for all NHS and Private Healthcare Sectors including recognised grades in all medical specialities ranging from Foundation Trainees to Consultant grades.
Requirements for Doctors:
1. Qualified doctors who have passed the PLAB Examination and are registered with the GMC with a Licence to Practice
2. Qualified doctors who have passed the PLAB Examination and are registered with the GMC
3. Qualified doctors who have passed the PLAB Examination
4. Senior doctors with post graduate qualifications from their home country
In addition to the requirement of IELTS as a part of the PLAB examination, we make sure that the doctor has an excellent command of English by holding a preliminary interview and an assessment of communication skills

We carefully check qualifications as a part of our vetting process. The doctors are required to provide a Certified scanned copy of their qualifications as a part of Registration process and will be obliged to present the Original Certificates to  HR prior to joining the position

Scottish Health (staffing) is a doctor lead recruitment business . Our management team includes 2 medical doctors ,an HR director with 40 years’ experience recruiting professional staff in Scotland and a 20 year experienced residential care manager
 We always require up to 3 good quality references from every doctor as a part of our selection process.  We contact the referees to ensure the validity of the references prior to forwarding the doctors CV .

1.0 Executive Summary

The focus of this proposal is to demonstrate how well placed Scottish Health Services are to provide significant value in the international ethical recruitment of quality nurses from countries within the EU, EEA and wider jurisdictions.

This proposal will cover how we partner with organisations to create cost effective solutions that provide real value to organisations, which ultimately improves patient outcomes and experiences.

Indicative pricing will be covered with a view to formulating a formal pricing agreement once an accurate project brief has been established.

2.0 Introduction

The NHS and independent sectors are currently experiencing unprecedented nursing shortages.
Current estimates predict over 25,000 nurses and 4,000 midwives are required to quench current shortfalls.

Due to an aging workforce, an aging and increasing population, the demand is only set to increase.

Nursing is a global profession, which has lead to a rise in developing countries recruiting internationally to address domestic shortages.

Scottish Health Services understand how the shortfalls in numbers are putting unsustainable stress/risk on the incumbent workforce and costing organisations more in the long run on temporary staffing.

Ultimately it is the patient experience that suffers due to inconsistent continuity of care delivered by insufficient numbers of front line staff.

To address domestic shortfalls, Scottish Health Services have developed innovative international recruitment solutions to source talented nurses from established and emerging parts of the world.

3.0 Sourcing Territories

Scottish Health Services have established dynamic sourcing infrastructure within the majority of sourcing territories:

EU: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden

EEA: Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein
Other Areas: Canada, South Africa, India, Mexico, South America, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia and Philippines.

These relationships allow Scottish Health Services to tap into talent pools and attract the right calibre of nurses with the appropriate skills mix who are motivated to forge lasting careers within the U.K. healthcare sectors.

4.0 International Recruitment & Retention strategies

Scottish Health Services provide bespoke recruitment campaigns to deliver quality professionals.

Once an organisation’s requirements have been mapped out, we will build in relevant recruitment protocols into our processes. Examples include application methods, bespoke assessments. This will become part of the brief.

Once a brief has been established, Scottish Healthcare will devise an innovative recruitment plan in order to source from the appropriate territories.

Scottish Healthcare has developed a values based recruitment process. Competency based and staged assessments ensure only the right calibre of nurses are selected.

Scottish Health has experience of recruiting within the EU and beyond and can exploit the dynamics of these locations to recruit high calibre nurses.

We take the time to understand the organisation’s values so we can represent the organisation as an empowering and supportive place to develop a career.

Retention of overseas nurses is an aspect that we have worked on diligently in order to maximise our retention rate.

We have a robust on boarding process and an ongoing transition package that ensures nurses get support even once they are settle into their new roles.

Examples of this include re location assistance, help with opening bank accounts, accelerated driving lessons, buddy support with nurses who previously relocated etc.

5.0 Project Management

To ensure Scottish Healthcare Services delivers on its brief, we have a project management team lead by an experienced project manager. This ensures accountability and that timescales are met. Our methodology includes:

Stage 1 Project brief
Developing a project plan with the client to map out requirements, timescales and establish goals and milestones.

Stage 2 executing the recruitment plan
Once the project brief has been signed off, we start shortlisting the right calibre of nurses based on their experience, core competencies (e.g. language levels) from the relevant sourcing locations.

Stage 3 Assessment and Interview days
Once the client is happy with the shortlisted selection, the organisation supported by Scottish Health interview the shortlisted nurses.

Stage 4 Offer Management
The successful nurses are notified immediately. Once they accept, they will be subject to the compliance process.

Stage 5 Compliance Management
Working in line with the organisations HR and compliance processes, we ensure nurses are fully compliant and their file ready for final sign off. Their file will include the following:
Full employment history (with any gaps explained)

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of identity card
  • Verification on NMC registration
  • Verification of qualifications and any training certificates including translations etc.
  • Police checks from country of origin

Stage 6 On boarding
Start dates, accommodation and transition agreed in line with organisation.

Stage 7 After Support
Once nurses have had a chance to settle in, the support package will kick in. This constant communication will provide the support required to ensure nurses can focus on their careers and know they made the right choice.

6.0 Pricing

Scottish Health provides an exemplary service and guarantee value for money through our delivery model.
Taking into account cost savings on bank and agency spend, through increased retention rates and the calibre of nurses, the return on investment from the fees will be realised within 12 months of initial placement.

We stand behind our service and offer a rebate period should for any reason, a placement doesn’t work out.

A full rebate of our fee will be given if, the initial full invoice is paid within 30 days of commencement of employment and if the employment is terminated, for any reason within 3 months of hire.

Our Structure

We operate 4 distinct recruitment divisions:

  • Medical / Surgical / Emergency
  • Paediatrics / Neonates
  • Care of the Elderly
  • Theatres
  • Scrub Nurses
  • ODPs / Anaesthetic & Recovery Nurses

Mental Health / Learning Disabilities

Open day procedure
Nurses attending our open day are given a short presentation about the opportunities & conditions available to them and the benefits of coming to live and work in the UK.

They then have a group opportunity to ask questions before each nurse is asked to complete the following documentation

  • Application Form
  • Nursing Skills Checklist
  • Health Declaration Form
  • Care Plan Handover & Incident Reporting – Written Scenario (to test their level of written English and dealing with emergencies)
  • PVG/CRB Form Each nurse then has a one-to-one competency based interview and their spoken English is tested. The interview performance is then assessed as part of each nurses overall application and the outcome is usually one of the following:
  • Pass – Unconditional job offer is made
  • Pass – Conditional job offer is made, usually linked to the improvement of their level of English over a set period of time
  • Fail – Candidate will not be eligible to apply again within 6-months, usually because we don’t feel they will improve their English quickly enough between offer stages and start date we keep in regular contact with each nurse and we regularly check with the NMC on the stage and progression of their PIN registration. In some cases nurses attending our recruitment open days will already be in receipt of their PIN Number and this significantly reduces the waiting time from offer to start